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Contributors: Though most entries in this Library are at present signed by me, I hope that other people will soon contribute, making this corner of the Log Cabin Library an open forum for physics poetry. Authors, let me know! Considering the dangers of the Net, however, I maintain the right to refuse any improper material and/or suggest editorial changes. Stan Sýkora, Editor

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Poem The Schödinger's Cat Finally identified! (with photo)
Poem Spins don't Emit! Mysteries of spin radiation and MR signals
Epigram Happiness and Bliss Life from the perspective of a magnetic spin particle
Epigram Quantum Computers Poking fun on the quantum computers folly
Epigram A Prayer to Photon Contribution to the ontology of photons ...
Racconto Il Più Costoso Apparecchio Radio sul Mercato It, di Vanni Piccinotti (per gli accoliti della RMN)
Graph Flowchart Cup with Bubbles by Martino Sykora
Epigramma Saturazione (NMR?) It, di Mauro Cremonini
Poem Onwards, Spirit by Stuart Atkinson, Tributes to Mars Rovers
Poem Conjunction's Dream by Stuart Atkinson, Tributes to Mars Rovers
Poem One thousand Sunsets by Stuart Atkinson, Tributes to Mars Rovers
Poem Sleeping by Stuart Atkinson, Tributes to Mars Rovers
Stories Supercon stories It+En, di Vanni Piccinotti (for those who dig NMR).
Racconto Quattro K bastano ed avanzano It, Un ricordo degli inizi della FT-NMR in Italia.
Racconto Prendere fischi per fiaschi It, di Vanni Piccinotti (per gli accoliti della RMN)
Song Spinning in the Field by Mauro Cremonini
Ode Ode to Isaac Newton by Edmund Halley (1686)
Reflection Dance, Joan, dance! Models of the world; ontology
Poem Appearances Fallibility of superficial appearance
Epigram TimeTravel Hypotheses and Paradoxes
Letter Next assignment Dangers of Scientific progress
Physics Observations on Time Properties of time
Poem The island of Samos Tribute to Aristarchus
Poem The Sun is still young! A prophecy about AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking over
Poem Cruel Destiny The hard life of a lepton
Poem Cosmology Tribute to the Hubble Telescope
Poem Answers and Questions An aspect of Scientific progress ...
Poem The odd shoe Am I? This is pure ontology
Epigram Pope's nightmare The dangers of irreversibility
Rhyme Laws of Conservation Physicist en voyage
Rhyme Destructive assessment The title says it all ...
Rhyme True nature The question was what is energy, really.
Rhyme Doubt Who is the villain?
Rhyme Faulty logic The horrors of logic
Rhyme Pacing out Sahara The difficulties of measurements
Rhyme Balance On the way physical quantities are defined
Epigram Gorilla leader on Science Czars
Rhyme To be Ontological joke
Básen' Šípková Rùženka Cz, ... spí, o muži sní ...
Poem Newborn ideas Sadly pragmatic

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