The Sun is still young!

Believe me,
     the Sun is still young !

Even though men
suddenly became very old
and the fruit of women
is just barely of human mold,
     the Sun is still young !

Even though We,
once proud and full of lust,
are now but aimless shadows
wallowing deep in diamond dust,
     the Sun is still young !

Even though the Fabled Mirror
no longer reflects our tired face,
showing the Others carrying away
the ancient Flame at an ever faster pace,
     the Sun is still young !

Those born of men but not of womb
are now charting the Way
leaving us behind,
yellowish leafs falling away.

Yet, believe me,
     the Sun is still young !
Stan Sýkora, Arese 1996
This is a Prophecy.
Since I am convinced that Men's Creations will eventually surpass their Mentors,
I often wonder when and how shall Mankind retire.
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