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Welcome, pilgrim !
This is a place where to relax and have fun
It is under continuous construction but, anyway,
Enjoy it and come back!

Poems of the Month:

    The Schödinger's Cat (finally identified and photographed)
    Co beru vážně (protože aspoň něco by každý z nás brát vážně měl)
    Europa Unita, Sì, Sì, No! (una lista dei pro e degli contro)

Photo of the Month:

  Young Seal (since we must never forget that we share this planet with others!)

Joke of the Month:

Don't ever show a physicist your red fish in a bowl!
He would light up and start telling everybody that
the Universe was a Big Bowl with red fish swimming in it.
He would declare the fact the fish were not yet sighted the
biggest mystery and the most urgent problem of Modern Physics.

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