Observations on Time

Observation #1 (ontology)

Time happens.
Sometimes it happens two-thirty-two a.m.
Sometimes it happens noon.
Nobody knows exactly why!

Observation #2 (ubiquity)

When time happens,
it happens everywhere.
Atop the refrigerator,
inside the oven,
in the town square,
in my pocket,

Observation #3 (exclusion principle)

When two times happen,
they don't happen together.
First happens one,
then the other.

Observation #4 (irreversibility)

Once a time happened,
there is no way to make it unhappen.

Observation #5 (uncertainty principle)

Only a fool asks 'What time is it?'
for when he starts asking it,
the object of his question is yet not
and when he is through asking,
it no longer is.

Observation #6 (observer interference)

Whenever somebody wonders whether
a time has happened, it sure did!
Could it be that if nobody wondered,
it would stop happening?


Stan Sýkora
I was pondering these mysteries for a long time.
Recently it became a pressing necessity
since time started playing tricks with me.
In most cases, time happens and takes me by surprise.
I hate that!
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