Quantum Computers

Roll them out!
boomed the transceivers.
And out they rolled:
Sixty-four was the logo neatly
etched into their palm-sized
shiny coats of static field.
Sixty-four were the molecules
lodged in the hearts of their
sixty-four-tesla magnet beads.
Sixty-four were the quantum
registers each molecule held,
each sixty-four qubits wide.
For sixty-four, a squared Byte,
pleases the Quantum CPU in
whose Holy Spins we trust.
Sixty-four per row they rolled,
and ever since the World
was a different place.
(Lights go on and subtitles scroll up:
 Shot by Spielberg in Bollywood)

Stan Sýkora, Castano Primo, 15 July 2010
I am bracing for an entry on quantum computers on my NMR blog.
This is a preparation, kind of. For I don't believe this kite will ever fly.
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