Spins don't Emit!

That's an iron law and a universal rule!
They are far too noble to do such a
disgustingly mean and vulgar thing.
Not even in total solitude, and not
spontaneously, that's for sure!
They keep their radiations virtual
at all times, and even when tortured
by a barrage of stinking RF pulses
they try hard to ease and relax
by altogether other means.
Yet they do feel the Nature's vibes
for when it comes to performing
an entangled quantum symphony,
no matter how demanding, their
ensembles are second to nobody.
The purest notes roll out from their
strongly coupled assemblies, neatly
recorded by tuned copper coils, but
by what means do those waves sail,
and through which tempestuous seas,
remain uncharted mysteries.
Stan Sýkora, Castano Primo, 25 July 2010
Sincerely, I don't know what this really is. I was reflecting on the nature of magnetic resonance signals, the CSE (coherent spontaneous emission) theory, and some early estimates of radiation emission by spins. Since such thoughts tend to make me sarcastic, the thing started as an epigram, but then it evolved into a more serious poem. It might be a syllabus of something that is a forming ... and a forming ... and ...
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