A Prayer to Photon

Mighty are You, oh Photon,
and remarkably strange.
A single Quantum You are,
Indivisibile by any means
in Space and Time,
and yet they assign Thee
a Shape and a Duration to
puzzle and bend the mind.
Since, for all we know,
Time can be sliced,
making the playful youth
distinct from the dusk of life,
and Space too, separating
a stinking dungeon from
a sun-lit royal room.
Oh, Photon, reveal Thee
to my inadequate mind
since else under the weight
of Thy Mystery it will
wither and cease to thrive.
Stan Sýkora, Castano Primo, 11 May 2010
This is a spin-off from my incessant musings about basic Physics.
See my recent talks at ENC, ISMRM and elsewhere.
This is what I say in one of my slides about a poll of 30 physicists:
Answers to the question "What is the shape of a photon?":
1969: pointlike particle 16, infinite wave 9, wave-packet 3, f**k off 2
2009: pointlike particle   2, infinite wave 3, wave-packet 9, f**k off 16
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