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mm/ddYear 2019
09/03 Expanding NMR Relaxometry hardware offers
09/01 Urgently needed: data formats standardization
08/26 Escalation of the Table-Top NMR Spectrometers War!
07/12 AIP - Applied Inverse Problems Conference
06/07 Glimpses from the 11th FFC NMR Relaxometry Conference
05/25 For my Italian collegues: my Chapters in the book "RMN in Medicina"
03/03 2019 edition of the MMCE Conference
mm/ddYear 2018
18/01 Extra Byte reloaded
mm/ddYears 2016 - 2017
--/-- Oops - Oops !
mm/ddYear 2015
12/23 Two new NMR books
12/17 More about NMR smartphone Apps: Statusino
12/10 NMR software for mobile devices
09/26 A healthy surge in new NMR books
09/24 Demise of James Nelson Shoolery
04/08 Victor J.Bartuska, co-founder of ex-Chemagnetics, died
04/03 Two new books: Prepolarized 129Xe-NMR, and a Fetal Imaging tome
04/01 Breaking News: The End of Spin ... and of The Universe
03/29 Europe's NMR spectroscopy above 1 GHz
03/23 Premature departure of Alessandro Bagno
02/19 GE ordered by FDA to recall nearly 13'000 MRI scanners!
02/18 Spin Systems, Math Theorems, Sister Celine, and Machine Proofs
01/31 Table-top NMR diagnoses sepsis fast enough to save lives
01/25 Detection of a single nuclear-spin announced ... and retracted
01/23 New NMR/MRI books
01/11 A personal view of the state of NMR at the start of 2015
mm/ddYear 2014
12/31 Magnetic Resonance on OEIS
12/25 Lists of NMR and ESR/EPR monographs are back in shape
11/30 Directory of MR-related Companies: a major UPDATE
mm/ddYear 2013
--/-- Ooops!
mm/ddYear 2012
03/28 Heritage of the great ones
03/25 Sir Paul T.Callaghan left us
mm/ddYear 2011
04/15 Automatic Structure Verification (ASV)
04/07 Celebrating the first Million
03/22 Educating MR Educators
03/12 Javelin NMR
03/08 Am I drilling a hole in the middle?
02/28 Post-crisis NMR market and technology
02/26 An NQR picoPrimer
02/21 Bibliometric Discredibility Pillory
02/18 MR and metronomes
02/10 More on MRI Safety
02/06 2011 MRI Safety Handbook
02/04 NMR jobs and other news from New Zealand
01/29 Keep your spinners smooth and clean!
01/27 Got memory, will log
01/23 Upcoming NMRCAVES Workshop
01/20 A new NMR textbook for chemists
01/13 Welcome to SPINSIGHTS
01/12 ParaHyperpol generates and handles para-hydrogen
01/10 Rotating Molecules versus Rotating Spins
01/06 The tiniest NMR spectrometer ever
01/03 Spinning in Central Europe: MMCE and Valtice NMR meetings
01/01 Opening up 2011
mm/ddYear 2010
------- 2010 (d)
12/31 Closing down 2010
12/29 PERFIDI are finally airborne
12/20 Mercury in-vivo imaging?
12/09 A tsunami of MR events next January
12/08 Electron MR in Poland: a free collection of papers
11/30 NMR**2 and the Anniversary that Wasn't
11/27 Belated glimpses of SMASH 2010
11/25 New MR Wiki
11/24 New MRI books
11/23 Meta-materials for MR detectors?
11/22 FID apodization and ratios of peak integrals
11/17 Directory of MR Companies revamped
11/15 The Santander Talk
10/22 Lack of technical MR literature
10/20 Polish Electron Magnetic Resonance
------- 2010 (c)
09/18 Field shims headaches
09/04 Magnetic Resonance and General Relativity
08/31 A new crop of MR books
08/26 Commercial fMRI lie detection service
08/19 Is there a future for Quantum Computing?
07/23 Happiness versus Bliss
07/21 Glimpses of WWMR
------- 2010 (b)
06/26 In memory of Roy Bible
06/24 91st Edition of the CRC Handbook
06/23 Half-integer nuclei?
06/15 Compact permanent magnets for time-domain NMR
06/08 Dwindling 3He supplies
06/01 Hyphenated MRI
05/29 Structural Biology Music Video with an NMR section
05/26 Exciting NMR Spectroscopy books
05/24 Cryogen-free supercons knocking on MR doors
05/19 Glimpses of the 51st ENC
05/16 Why are spectral lines Lorentzian
05/15 Varian => Agilent: a never-ending story ENDED!
05/13 Varian => Agilent: a never-ending story
05/09 An update on Companies and Books
04/11 "Metabolomics" of NMR solvents
04/01 Magnetic Resonance Master Equation unveiled!
------- 2010 (a)
02/13 NMR music and other issues
01/17 Recent NMR books
01/13 Agilent - Varian merger update
01/09 MRI versus competition
01/06 Fundamental MR constants
mm/ddYear 2009
------- 2009 (d)
12/31 Congratulations, Mister Keller
12/19 New MRI books
12/09 EPR at Work
11/28 MR in Geosciences
11/21 RF and EMF screening materials
11/19 An inequality for multi-exponential decays
11/16 A book I missed and NMR in Leipzig
11/12 Quantum Chemistry and NMR
11/09 A historic set of 60 MHz NMR spectra
11/03 Free info about Diffusion and NMR
11/01 Signs of geminal HH and HD couplings
10/31 Storing d-chloroform and other NMR solvents
10/17 An NMR Laboratory Store on Amazon
10/07 New Magnetic Resonance books
10/04 Glimpses of SMASH 2009
------- 2009 (c)
09/30 Protein structure and scalar relaxation
09/13 Spin phase states and magnetic pseudo-monopoles
09/06 PERFIDI and other Magnetic Resonance patents
09/03 Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry celebrates 40 years
08/11 MR garbage ... continued
07/27 Bye, bye, Varian
07/24 Got Kindle, will holiday ...
07/21 NMR tubes, or how to get poor very fast
07/14 Is protein structure determination by NMR a routine?
07/08 Paul Callaghan's MR videos you MUST see
------- Year 2009 (b)
06/30 Quo vadis, Varian?
06/13 Continuous Inverse Laplace Transform with UpenWin
06/03 The demise of Filippo Conti
05/31 FT versus CW: What we gained and what we lost
05/15 Corrected Stelar VTC driver
05/13 A couple of interesting new MR books
05/12 A new NMR blog
05/10 Magnetic Resonance and cryogen-free superconductor magnets
04/30 Disposing of superconductor magnets
04/29 Glimpses of the 50th ENC
04/10 Honors to Aksel A.Bothner-By
04/06 Spin Radiation, remote MR Spectroscopy, and MR Astronomy
------- Year 2009 (a)
03/22 Biography of Fu Chun Yu
03/15 New EPR (ESR) books
03/11 Imaging of electric currents by MR
03/08 Magnetic resonance and spinning tops
03/04 Let's discuss NMR spectra evaluation and interpretation
03/02 Are NMR spectra worse today than they used to be?
02/27 Average throughput rates of MRI scanners
02/25 Glimpses of MMCE 2009
01/31 Are MRI and NMR drifting apart?
01/01 Happy New Year 2009
mm/ddYear 2008 (b)
------- 2008 (b)
12/31 Inventory of 2008 MR events and books
12/21 [it] RMN: Appunti di Lezione di Sandro Gambaro
12/18 Online Repository of Magnetic Resonance Theses
12/06 A Basic Guide to NMR by Jim Shoolery, 3rd Edition
11/15 FFT and the Cold War
11/08 A simple economy model for MR services
10/25 [it] Nuovi testi didattici di Spettroscopia NMR
10/15 What spin does a nucleus take
09/30 Chemical shifts of naked and dressed protons
09/25 Geometry of the AB quadruplet
09/19 NMR data archivation and compression
09/15 Glimpses of the Italian XXXVIII GIDRM meeting
09/08 How to get started on DICOM
08/19 The smallest NMR ever built (?)
08/15 The smallest complete ESR instrument ever built
08/08 A crop of new MR books
07/31 Spotting explosives and drugs: an Euromar 2008 update
07/30 Glimpses of EUROMAR 2008
------- 2008 (a)
06/25 The largest J's ever measured
06/16 Are Bruker and Jeol NMR data wrong?
06/13 The story of Fu Chun Yu, co-discoverer of chemical shifts
06/10 Old Swan's eDISPA blues
06/08 NMR songs by Greg Crowther et al
05/31 Magnetic Resonance and Radio Pollution
05/27 Spin-noise radiation and NMR spectra/images measured without any RF pulses
05/06 Rheology and NMR
04/30 Impressions from 23rd NMR Valtice
04/27 Invitation to an EU-NMR Workshop
04/17 NMR and Antarctica
04/04 The best educational MRI site ever
04/02 NMR Wikis
03/31 Grab your copy of Nature Milestones in Spin
03/29 Glimpses of the 49th ENC
03/06 NMR spectra processing at 49th ENC
02/29 Helium scarcity: can it affect NMR and MRI communities?
02/13 Field-Cycling NMR and History of Superconductivity
02/02 Hyphenated and Hypernated NMR
01/24 Bruker + Bruker = Bruker
01/22 Magnetic Resonance of Spermatozoa
01/17 Directory of MR blogs of general interest
01/15 Spin Resonance and Warfare
mm/ddYear 2007
12/31 Inventory of 2007 MR events and books
12/30 Chemical Shifts and Shyness
12/21 The NMR Spectroscopy Army rents combat stations!
12/19 An Invincible NMR Spectroscopy Army
12/17 More on coils versus antennas - and NQR
12/15 Coils versus Antennas
12/07 Carlos Cobas' new blog dedicated to NMR data handling
12/05 Quadrature versus linear detection, and where do complex MR data come from
11/19 Is it correct to say proton NMR ?
11/15 Nuclides versus nuclei
11/03 Welcome to SpectroscopyNOW readers!
10/30 MACS: The magic of inductive coupling in MAS spectroscopy
10/27 'Early NMR at Varian' - a clarification by Tim Lenoir
10/22 The ultimate size of the MRI market
10/15 Impressions from SMASH 2007
09/29 Drugs discovery, Dubai, and 15 Nobel prize winners
09/27 An important ESR meeting and ESR/NMR jealousy
09/01 Who has built the first NMR locks?
08/27 A contribution to the eternal fight against dead-time
08/23 NMR Logging - a fine book made available online for free
08/05 The puzzling FDA limits on dB/dt in clinical MRI
07/27 MRI Hardware: A two decade retrospective (by J.P.Hornak)
07/24 A new book concerned with teaching NMR spectroscopy
07/17 The peak magnetic field ever reached in the Sol System
07/15 Man-made magnetic fields: a state-of-the-art diagram
06/19 NMR tubes under pressure and measurement units
06/16 The most recent crop of MRI books
06/14 Impending NMR/MRI hardware revolution
06/09 [it] Scuola Specialistica NMR di piccole molecole di interesse organico-farmaceutico
06/08 Relaxation rate units: [1/s] or [Hz] ?
06/06 Two new NMR books tackle relaxation theory and catalysis, respectively
06/05 Glimpses from the 5-th Conference on Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry
05/27 The departure of Paul C. Lauterbur
05/21 Advances in computer-aided evaluation of high-resolution NMR spectra
05/19 What is the chemical composition of the ESR pitch standard
05/08 A crop of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) books
05/07 Visit to Metrolab and magnetic field measurements
04/22 Impressions from 22nd NMR Valtice
04/20 MR safety: Need for caution cannot be overstated
04/15 eDISPA: New approach to automatic phasing of HR-NMR spectra
04/07 Starting an RSS service
04/02 NMR Encyclopedia mystery solved
03/30 NMR Books and Pyramids
03/20 Fresh off the presses: Molecular and Cellular MR Imaging
03/06 X-domain NMR
03/01 An FFC-NMR relaxometry review made available online
02/28 An exciting APS meeting I have missed
02/21 Can fMRI become a new brain-snooping gadget?
02/14 New desktop MRI and FFC instruments
02/10 Update on the NMR process-analyzers scene (by J.C.Edwards)
02/02 A new source of super-paramagnetic particles
01/28 Companies popping-in and popping-out
01/01 Let us build a Large Magnetic Room
mm/ddYear 2006
12/24 An hour long FID from an 11 Hertz NMR spectrometer
12/22 Will NMR jolt the Foundations of Physics?
12/09 Closing down 2006 MR meetings and opening the 2007 master list
12/07 NMR, MRI and ESR books published in 2006
11/29 NMR / MRI installations and earthquakes
10/18 Collection of ESR monographs
10/10 Why is it important for NMR's to have stable field and good homogeneity
10/08 Re: Superconducting magnets: earthquakes, quenches and other mishaps
09/27 Superconducting magnets: earthquakes, quenches and other mishaps
08/10 Non-magnetic tools for MRI and NMR
07/25 A graph of NMR-books publishing activity
07/23 Functional MRI (fMRI)
07/15 Collection of NMR monographs tops 500
06/29 MR jobs and salaries
06/26 News from the industrial front
06/12 The highest man-made magnetic fields
05/25 [it] Quattro K bastano ed avanzano
05/18 Magnetic-field noise and NMR signals
04/11 NMR is teaching tricks to IR and UV-VIS
04/04 New book: Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Liquids
03/22 Forsight of a genius
03/18 COST meeting on Lanthanide Chemistry for Diagnosis and Therapy
03/10 Multiple-sample probes
02/18 [it] MestRe Day al CISI (Univerità di Milano)
02/09 Esaote changed hands
02/08 PERFIDI !?! a new general-purpose NMR sequence
02/03 [it] Prendere fischi per fiaschi (di Vanni Piccinotti)
01/29 CHMOOGLE - a new on-line chemical search engine/database
01/06 Origin of the APSR sequence
01/03 Units and distributions of relaxation times
01/02 MRA: addendum
01/01 MRA: Magnetic Resonance Astronomy
mm/ddYear 2005
12/30 Multiple solutions of HR-NMR spin-system spectra
12/07 What kind of instrument do I need to measure an NMRD profile ?
12/01 NMR and Nanotechnology
11/23 List of Early NMR references: an unwieldy Behemoth split in two
11/08 Second EuCheMS School on Protein Chemistry
10/31 Sorted list of over 500 (!) Books on NMR Spectroscopy and Relaxometry
10/30 W.G.Proctor's Reminiscences of the Early Days of NMR at Stanford
10/28 References on Early History of NMR
10/26 New process NMR platform under development
10/10 Two coils, two preamps, cooled probes ... ???
09/18 Scuola Nazionale di RMN a Torino (Torino, Italy, September 12-16)
09/09 950 MHz (22.31 Tesla) HR-NMR magnet is operative !
09/04 NMR in Microbiology by Jean-Philippe Grivet
09/02 Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging - a new MRI/NMR Journal
07/20 NMR of solid urea - an unsolved mystery
07/15 Is this an NMR Instrument ?
07/10 GIDRM: Scuola Nazionale di RMN a Torino
06/15 Collections of thematic NMR references
05/28 4th Conference on Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry (Torino, Italy, May 26-28)
05/15 A new site combines NMR with Rheology
05/14 A headache! How should I manage the growing database of NMR links
05/11 NMR history links
05/09 Early MAS in Prague
05/03 We all know that ∇ ≡ {∂/∂x, ∂/∂y, ∂/∂z}
04/27 What is this ...
04/12 [it] Domanda a bruciapelo su spazio-K da Mauro Cremonini
04/06 Meeting of Central European NMR Discussion Groups, April 4-6

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