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Talk Realistic simulated MR data (virtual phantoms) and the development of IP algorithms
To develop Inverse-Problems algorithms one needs access to expertly simulated data.
Talk FFC Relaxometry of Poly-Dispersed Samples: some Special Aspects
Part of an investigation of nuclear magnetization evolution in variable magnetic fields.
Tutorial Tutorial on Spin Systems in Magnetic Resonance
A 40' introduction to a topic that would require a book!
Poster In-vivo spectra pre-conditioning using PcBc
Automatic phase and baseline conditioning of in-vivo NMR spectra.
Poster Metabolomic spectra pre-conditioning using PcBc
Automatic phase and baseline conditioning in metabolomic NMR sectra.
Poster PcBc - Novel Automatic Phase & Baseline Correction Algorithm
Update of a recent algorithm for a basic evaluation of NMR and other spectra.
Poster Nuclear Magnetization Evolution During the Switching Time in Field Cycling NMR
Part of a more general investigation of magnetization evolution in a variable field.
Talk PcBc - A Novel Automatic Phase and Baseline Correction Algorithm
Progress in the development of the novel algorithm.
Talk The Unbearable Fuzziness of NMR Data
A reflection and illustration of how experimental data are always fuzzy.
Poster Automatic Concurrent Phase & Baseline Correction in 1D NMR Spectra
A novel algorithm, nicknamed PcBc.
Poster PERFIDI Filters: A Summary
Work done so far on the PERFIDI T1filters so far, with focus on MRI.
Poster Progress in Multi-Spectra Automatic Structure Verification (MS-ASV)
Frank report on the problems encountered so far.
Article Sequences related to the differential equation f''= af'f
Sequences whose egf's satisfy this equation form an interesting family.
Talk NMR in XXI Century: 30 selected things to do and explore
A technologist's view of the many open roads to innovate Magnetic Resonance.
Article Fixed points of the mappings exp(z) and -exp(z) in C
Properties and 20-digit tables of complex fixed points of ±exp(z).

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