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Poster Nuclear Magnetization Evolution During the Switching Time in Field Cycling NMR
Part of a more general investigation of magnetization evolution in a variable field.
Poster Automatic Concurrent Phase & Baseline Correction in 1D NMR Spectra
A novel algorithm, nicknamed PcBc.
Poster PERFIDI Filters: A Summary
Work done so far on the PERFIDI T1filters so far, with focus on MRI.
Poster Progress in Multi-Spectra Automatic Structure Verification (MS-ASV)
Frank report on the problems encountered so far.
Article Sequences related to the differential equation f''= af'f
Sequences whose egf's satisfy this equation form an interesting family.
Article Fixed points of the mappings exp(z) and -exp(z) in C
Properties and 20-digit tables of complex fixed points of ±exp(z).
Books list Books about HDL's, FPGA's, and Silicon Programming
A large, updated list covering modern digital hardware development.
Books list Books about Programming and Computing Tools
A large and continuously updated list covering languages, libraries, OS, and more.
Books list Books about Home and Classroom Electronics Tinkering, Hacking, Programming,
and having fun with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Intel Edison, Intel Galileo, BeagleBone, etc.
Books list Books about Spintronics, including its theory, physics, engineering, materials, and applications
A large and continuously updated list.
Books list Books about Intellectual Property (IP), Patents, Copyright, and Self-publishing
A large and continuously updated list.
Books list Books about WWW development issues
A large and continuously updated list.
Article On some number densities related to coprimes
Densities of numbers m (non)coprime to [m\b] for various bases b.
Edu An Abel's Identity and its Corollaries
A note on the huge family of Abel's combinatorial identities.
Article A Random Mapping Statistics and a Related Identity
A new discrete statistic and new decompositions of unity and of n^n.

Recent presentations by/involving Stan

Talk PcBc - A Novel Automatic Phase and Baseline Correction Algorithm
Progress in the development of the novel algorithm.
Talk The Unbearable Fuzziness of NMR Data
A reflection and illustration of how experimental data are always fuzzy.
Talk NMR in XXI Century: 30 selected things to do and explore
A technologist's view of the many open roads to innovate Magnetic Resonance.
Talk Is NMR Stuck?
A frank personal view of the current state of NMR (not of MRI).
Talk Molecular Spins: a New Frontier
Conjecture of persistent currents in acyclic molecules and molecular fragments.
Talk Introducing GSD-2D
An extension of GSD (Global Spectral Deconvolution) to two dimensions.
Talk Fitting of spin system parameters to NMR spectra, revisited
Proposal of a new, very fast, algorithm for simulations of spin systems spectra.
Talk How to investigate soft matter using Variable Field NMR Relaxometry
Delivered at GIDRM Workshop Investigating Soft Matter Using NMR in Bari (Italy 2013).
Talk A new paradigm streamlining the analysis of NMR spectra of small molecules
Presented at the 2013 annual GERMN meeting, Santiago de Compostela (Spain 2013).
Tutorial From Spin Hamiltonian to Spectra
Know Thy Spins series: Lecture on spin Hamiltonian and NMR spectra simulation, Chiemsee (Germany 2013).
Talk Seven Conjectures of NMR Relaxometry
Presented at the 8th FFC NMR Relaxometry Conference (Italy 2013).
Talk The latest in Automatic Structure Verification (ASV)
Presented at the Mestrelab User Meeting prior to 54th ENC.
Talk Molecular Spins: a novel Frontier of Chemical Physics and Magnetic Resonance?
Presented at the 2012 ENC meeting.
Lecture The Role of Relaxation in NMR Signal Detection
Delivered at a BFF6 Workshop.
Lecture Some Thermodynamic and Quantum Aspects of NMR Signal Detection
Delivered at a BFF6 Workshop.

Latest by Lucia Parretti

Painting Jewels box
It Porcelain painting.
Terracotta Wall light shadows
It Utility pottery.
Libro Sciogliere i nodi: Italiano di base per studenti stranieri
It con una Guida per l'insegnante.
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