Mount Epperly, Antarctica  by Eiichi Fukushima
Mount Epperly, Vinson Range, Antarctica

An impressive view of Mount Epperly from Branscomb Glacier in the Vinson Massif.

Mount Epperly (4359m) is considered to be the 10th highest mountain in Antarctica, but it was re-surveyed this past season with a GPS on the summit and its rank is likely to change. It is located in the Ellsworth Mountains (~1200 km north of the South Pole in the direction of South America) whose Sentinel Range comprises also Mount Shinn (latest height estimate 4660 m), Mount Tyree (4852 m) and Mount Vinson (4892 m), the three tallest peaks of Antarctica.

This shot was taken during the 40th Anniversary of the 1st Ascent of Mt.Vinson. The pass behind my colleagues is where we came over to this glacier in 1966. It is no longer used by most of the mountaineers because it is too technical. On the first ascent, our party did climb also Shinn and Tyree, but not Epperly.

Vinson Massif, Antarctica, December 2006.
Click here for a map of the area.

Editor's note: Eiichi, 72, took part in the first-ever ascent of Mt.Vinson in 1966 as well as in the 2006 anniversary climb. He is a Japanese living in Albuquerque (New Mexico), an accomplished mountain climber, a top Nuclear Magnetic Resonance expert, an entrepreneur, and a new Log Cabin guest. Welcome, Eiichi, and keep going strong.

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