Datura stramonium (by Ecoikos)
Datura stramonium

The innocent looking Datura stramonium has a number of less-than-complimentary nicknames, such as jimsonjade, jimson weed, devil's trumpet, angel's trumpet, devil's snare, devil's seed and zombie cucumber. This is because it contains potent hallucinogens which made it throughout history the component of many a black-magic potion and a plant beloved by wicked witches!
This sequence of shots, taken at about one hour intervals, shows the way it likes to flower: opening its elongated (4-6 cm) pencil-like roll of merged petals late in the afternoon and reaching a full trumpet-like bloom in the darkness of the night. Quite in character with its properties and nicknames!
In Northern Italy the plant, called stramonio, is quite widespread. The exemplar shown here was potted just for the photographer's convenience.

Castano Primo, Lombardy region, Italy. Late Summer 2008.

Jimsonjade Angel's trumpet

Devil's trumpet Devil's seed

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