Cats go Places

We Cats go Places you
Humans can't even imagine!
Except, perhaps, for
A few clumsy Witches
Lost in the Mirror Mazes
Of interlocking Worlds.
Sometimes, earning a
Lifetime of gratitude,
We save a good one
Showing her a way back
To what you fools call
The one and only
Real World.
Crossing the Lines
Keeps us busy and aloof,
When we look remote,
Think of what it takes
To keep all one's paws
In the same Dimension,
With no misstep allowed.
Never !

Magentina on an errand; foto Lucia Parretti

Stan Sýkora, Castano Primo, July 2006; foto by Lucia Parretti, 2003
The cat in the photo is our Magentina, busy with her own agenda and ignoring lowly humans.
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