K-space formulation of MRI
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A course on physical principles of image formation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),
including a review of K-space charting strategies and future perspectives.
If you are interested in this course/talk, please, contact us.

Relator: S.Sykora.  Duration: Course 5-10 hours; seminar 60-120 minutes

  • 1. Definition of K-space
  • 2. K-space and MRI signals
  • 3. The K-space landscape
  • 4. Gradient and pulse echoes
  • 5. K-space charting strategies
    • Multi-shot versus single-shot techniques
    • Kinds of data to collect
    • Projection imaging (zeugmatography)
    • Fourier transform imaging
    • Spiral imaging
    • Advanced strategies
  • 6. The tyranny of time:
    • Speedy charting
    • Slowing the decay
    • Numeric corrections
    • Decay versus apodization
    • Exploiting pulse echoes
  • 7. Concluding remarks

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