Field-Noise Effects in NMR
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A Course on the Effects of Magnetic Field Noise on Various NMR Signals.
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Relator: S.Sykora.  Duration: Course 5-10 hours; seminar 60-120 minutes.

  • I. What is field noise
    • Field noise sources
    • Field noise characteristics:
      • White, periodic and quasi-periodic field noise
      • Autocorrelation function
      • Amplitude and correlation time
    • Expected field noise in various NMR fields:
      • (HR, LR Relaxometry, MRI, FFC, Mouse)
  • II. Effects of field-noise on FID's and on 1D spectra
    • Single scan effects
    • Effects on accumulated data:
      • FID weighing due to field-noise
      • Lineshape convolution functions
      • Accumulation efficiency impairment
      • Experimental assessment of the field noise
  • III. Effects of field-noise on spin echos
    • Impairment of the refocussing efficiency of Hahn-echo
    • Effects on multiple refocusing echos
    • Negative effects on PFGSE
    • 'Resonant' effects on CPMG
  • IV. Effects of field-noise on 2D and 3D spectra
    • Explanation of t1 noise
    • Quantitative characteristics of t1 noise
  • V. Field-noise effects in NMR relaxometry
    • Near absence of effects on T1 estimates
    • Impact on T2 and T estimates: bias and errors
    • Fighting large-amplitude field-noise in fast-field-cycling (FFC) NMR relaxometry
  • VI. Field-noise in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Effects on MRI images

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