Online Collection of NMR Spectra Catalogs
Volume I: Varian EM360/A/L 60 MHz Spectra Set
Varian Associates' 1978 catalog of NMR spectra,
Second, online Edition, November 2009, in Stan's Library, Editor S.Sykora, Vol.III.
Permalink via DOI:  10.3247/SL3Nmr09.005
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This 1978 Varian spectra catalog was among the first ones of its kind and probably the first one collected explicitly for an educational purpose: teaching chemists the interpretation of NMR spectra of organic compounds. It therefore does not dwell much on illustrating the performance of the instrument itself (except for a few last pages). Readers are warmly welcome to test their present-day abilities by tackling the many eminently practical exercises presented here. Of course, some of you might become puzzled by the more "advanced" techniques shown towards the end, such as tickling and INDOR. Finding the logical relationships between these and some of the modern 2D experiments is an additional challenge you might wish to face.

Naturally, you will need to mentally discard the "wiggles" in the peaks; an artifact we were so used to at that time that we barely noticed it. Apart from that, it is NMR spectroscopy as usual. The EM360 was a CW (continuous wave) machine based on a 60 MHz permanent magnet. It was enormously successful - the series was in production for over 15 years without any substantial modification. Hundreds of them were sold and untold numbers of NMR spectroscopists started their carriers doing nights at their modest consoles void of any computer.


Second, online Edition: Extra Byte, Castano Primo, Italy; in Stan's Library, Vol.III, November 2009.
First Edition: Varian Associates, Palo Alto, California, USA, 1978.


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