Asymptotic expansion for log(n!)
in terms of the reciprocal of a triangular number
by Gergõ Nemes (Hungary)
in Stan's Library, Ed.S.Sykora, Vol.II. First released December 27, 2008
Permalink via DOI:  10.3247/SL2Math08.004
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Abstract: Ramanujan suggested an expansion for the n-th partial sum of the harmonic series which employs the reciprocal of the n-th triangular number. The Ramanujan's formula has been proved in 2006 by Villarino, who speculated that there might also exist a similar expansion for the logarithm of the factorial. This study shows that such an asymptotic expansion really exists and provides expressins for its generic coefficient and for the bounds on its errors.

Full text (PDF, 85 kBytes).

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